Welcome Home card

A friend of mine went to China for 8 months. She worked at a school as an English teacher. When she returned, my friends and I organized a surprise lunch and gave her this greeting card. “Welkom Thuis” means welcome home in Dutch.

The card has a slight Asian look & feel due to the cute cartoon-like eyes. My friend loves anime, so that’s why.

Craft tools

  • Scissors / craft knife & self-healing cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Black pen (fine-liner eventually)
  • Pencil
  • Blue and yellow pencil
  • Alphabet stamps
  • 1 sheet of blue, brown, light blue, red, pink, yellow, white paper

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  1. Draw a sketch of my friend in a cartoon-like style on white paper.
  2. Cut out the hair shape from yellow paper. Make the bottom part look a bit pointy.
  3. Cut out a head shape and two hand shapes from pink paper. Compare these shapes to the hair piece to make sure the size is alike.
  4. Draw the eyes and mouth with a black fineliner or black pen on the head shape.
  5. Draw small lines with a yellow pencil on the hair shape.
  6. Cut out the shirt and sleeves shapes from light blue paper.
  7. Cut out the flag stripes from red, white and blue paper. These are the colors of the Dutch flag.
  8. Cut out the flagstick from brown paper. I didn’t have brown paper back then, so I used a brown pencil instead 😉
  9. Glue the flag shapes together.
  10. Put all shapes together on a blank wishing card, but don’t glue them yet.
  11. Stamp the card with the text “Welcome Home”.
  12. Now glue all shapes to the card.
  13. Draw lines around the sleeves with a pencil to make them stand out from the shirt part.
  14. Draw a necklace with a pencil and color the necklace pendant light blue. Ta da!

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