Simple Happy Birthday garland card

This was the very first card I crafted (and also my first blog post, hello there!). The card’s very simple, but also very cute! It was a birthday card for a friend of mine, who’s birthday is also in March. Yes, I’m Pisces! 😉

Craft tools

  • Scissors / craft knife & self-healing cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Alphabet stamps
  • 2 golden stars
  • 4 sheets of different colored paper

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  1. Cut out 3 triangle shapes from each colored paper.
  2. Put 6 triangles like a garland next to each other on a blank greeting card.
  3. Take the remaining 6 triangles and repeat the previous step.
  4. Stamp the text “Happy Birthday” on the center of the card. You could stamp it straight or a bit curved.
  5. Now glue all triangles to the greeting card.
  6. Finish the card by gluing a decorative star on each side of the stamped text.

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