Simple garlands card

The Simple garlands card brings a smile on your face with its colorful garlands. The garland flags contain a festive message to wish the recipient a wonderful birthday.

This card is easy to make as not many craft supplies are needed. You might have them already in your home.

The Dutch text “Hiep Hiep Hoera” can be translated to “Heep Heep Hurray” in English, but of course you can add any text you like 😀

Craft supplies

  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape / glue
  • Colored pencils
  • Alphabet stamps (optional)
  • Black ink pad (optional)
  • Blank stickers
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Blank greeting card
  • 4 sheets of colored paper

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Photo tutorial

simple garlands card tutorial, step 1 and 2

Step 1: Take 4 sheets of colored paper, for example blue, pink, green and yellow.
Step 2: Put them on top of each other and then fold them.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 3

Step 3: Cut out triangles from the fold with scissors. Each triangle will contain 4 flags, so check how many flags you need.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 4

Step 4: Put the flags beside each other. Decide what text, color pattern and how many garlands you would like to have. Dedicate each garland to one word, for example “hurray”.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 5

Step 5: Use colored pencils to draw decorative diagonal lines on the flags. Tip: Use a color which is related to the color of the flag for a subtle effect. For example: use a dark blue pencil for a light blue flag.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 6

Step 6: Stamp a letter on each flag with alphabetical stamps and an ink pad. If you don’t have stamps at home, you could use a black fineliner instead.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 7

Step 7: Unfold a blank greeting card. Puncture a hole on the left & right side of the card front for each garland, by using a needle and cutting mat. Puncture the holes a bit higher than you intend the garlands to appear.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 8

Step 8: Take sewing thread (any color). Cut a thread of 15-20 cm for each garland (about 5.9-7.8 inches).

simple garlands card tutorial, step 9

Step 9: Put double-sided adhesive tape or glue on the inside of the flags. Then cling them onto the garland thread.

simple garlands card tutorial, step 10

Step 10: Take a needle and stitch the garland thread to the card. Put a small piece of blank stickers on each thread end on the inside of the card front. Cut off excess thread with scissors. If you don’t have blank stickers, you could use (double-sided) adhesive tape instead. Repeat this step for the other garland threads and your Simple garlands card is ready.

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