Visiting Creative Life 2021

Last weekend I went to a creative fair called Creative Life. In brief: it’s an event organized by creatives for creatives. The fair takes place annually in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, in an old factory hall.

The fair consists of various elements such as stalls with (mainly) handmade products like jewellery, stationary, ceramics. Some of the stalls had a table for workshops in addition. There’s also a living room area where speakers talked about topics like starting their own creative business. Furthermore there was a food truck area and a photo booth. The event lasted for three days (from Friday to Sunday). I went on Sunday with my sister. It was our first time to visit Creative Life.

Goodies and souvenirs from Creative life 2021
Goodies and souvenirs from Creative life 2021

Once you entered the site there was this nice, relaxing atmosphere. It felt like a pastel-colored creative bubble. Everything was beautifully decorated. There were dozens of stalls that immediately drew your attention with their beautiful items. We walked along a few stalls. The stall owners are small creative businesses. It’s very nice to meet the people who designed the products and can proudly tell you all about them. At a jewelry stall I instantly fell in love with a pair of flower earrings.

Workshops were taking place at various stalls throughout the fair. During the workshops participants were doing something creative. For example, they would wove a beautiful rug or make a wreath of dried flowers. It’s very inspiring to see.

Workshop about boosting creativity
Workshop about boosting creativity in your daily life

After our walk we had a photobooth session together and enjoyed lunch time with two delicious grilled sandwiches. Then it was time for our first workshop. We registered in advance, because the seats are limited. This workshop was about how to be more creative in your daily life and how to take your creativity to a higher level. The workshop host from Lemontwist shared different methods to make us think out of the box. In the end we made beautiful collages which will have a nice spot in our homes and can serve as inspiration & motivation.

After the first workshop we had a short break before the second one started. We decided to stroll along the stalls. Then it was time for workshop number two, about screen printing. After a short explanation by the workshop host from Atelier Indrukwekkend we created a paper template and chose a paint color. I created a heart template and chose the color gold. We exchanged templates with other participants and got several prints on paper. It was a fun, happy mess. Fortunately we wore aprons 😉

workshop screen printing at Creative Life 2021
Workshop screen printing at Creative Life 2021. It was so much fun!

We let the prints dry during a last stroll on the fair and bought some yummy fudge. After that it was nearly closing time, so we decided to go home.

All in all it was a super fun and inspiring day, full of impressions. Everyone was nice and above all: very creative. I would definitely recommend this fair if you’re looking for an inspiring and creative event.

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  1. Yay, what a lovely review! And I completely agree: what’s more inspiring than to be in a room full of creatives?! I left the fair feeling that you really can create everything you can think of. And with tons of inspiration for new projects!


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