Using cutting machines for cardmaking

The craft world knows many different craft supplies to make beautiful things. For example glue rollers, paper punches and glow in the dark markers. Are you familiar with cutting machines? You can think of it as a printer, but instead of ink it comes with a cutting blade. You can control the cutting machine via the computer and instruct it to cut something out of paper.

I discovered the existence of cutting machines in a creative magazine. I was amazed that you could cut complex shapes from different types of paper with ease.

Silhouette Cameo cutting machine on desk
Using the cutting machine in my old craft space

It may surprise you, but I have a cutting machine at home: a Silhouette Cameo. I’ve been using the machine for several years now and I’m very happy with it. Generally I create and use my own designs for the cutting machine. With a few exceptions such as hand lettering fonts. Mostly I use the cutting machine when I want to make a card multiple times, for example for Christmas. First I design the card on paper and digitize the design. Then the machine cuts out the shapes on different colored paper. After that I’ll put it together on the card.

PS: My printable templates are suitable for cutting machines 😉

Check out the video below about the Christmas robin card I made in 2020. It’s quite satisfying to see the cutting process.

Everyone should decide for themselves if they want a cutting machine and if yes, how they should use it. I mainly craft with my hands, because I enjoy it. But if I want to make a card several times, a cutting machine does save me a lot of time and effort.

Ultimately, it’s about the sweet balance that works for you. You can take an existing template and make your own twist by using beautifully printed cardstock for example. And you know what? Handmade is not necessarily handcut.

Do you have experience with a cutting machine yourself? If yes, what do you use it for? 🙂

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