Spring cleaning

It’s Spring time! Usually at the beginning of this season there’s this “Spring cleaning” tradition to make a fresh start after the cold and dark Winter period.

Personally I don’t participate in these types of events often, but this year seems to be a different story. It’s a strange year after all, with all sorts of things going on in the world with the coronavirus. (I hope you’re OK). In my country, The Netherlands, daily life has come to a halt. Schools and restaurants are closed, big events have been cancelled. We need to keep our distance from other people and stay (and work) at home as much as possible.

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I noticed that since people stay at home a lot more now, they start to look for new “projects” to work on in and around the house. DIY projects seem to be even more popular these days. Last weekend I had a Skype craft session with my sister and it was actually really nice. We chatted about pretty much everything and showed our crafts through the webcam to each other.

Last Friday I decided to do a Spring cleaning routine for my craft tools. It’s nice to get things freshened up every once in a while. Then you realize how many craft tools you’ve got. Maybe the process inspires you to create something new as well. In case it might be useful for you, I will share the steps I’ve done for my Spring cleaning 🙂

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Craft tool box

I’ve got a box for the craft tools that I use the most, like a craft knife and pencil. Over time my box got a bit dirty, so I decided to empty the box to give it a proper cleaning. While my box was drying up after a quick “shower”, I sorted my craft tools while keeping in mind the following things: do I use this tool often (or should it be placed elsewhere), are there any duplicates like two rulers?

craft tools, sorting, duplicates

Cutting mat and eraser

Maybe your eraser contains some dirt after being used so often. You can “erase” the dirt by using your eraser on your cutting mat. Afterwards you can clean your cutting mat, so it’s freshened up as well.

cutting mat, eraser, cleaning


My scissors tend to get dirty, because I sometimes use them to cut through double-sided sticky tape. This leaves a bit of sticky residue on the scissors. You can clean your scissors carefully with a bit of water and soap to get it removed. Make sure to dry them properly afterwards. You can leave them “open” on a table or kitchen counter for a while.

Colored paper

When crafting a greeting card, I often use multiple sheets of colored paper. Often I don’t use a whole sheet of paper, but just a part of it. Personally I feel it’s a shame to throw away the leftover paper and collect it in a “leftover” box instead. This box has become fuller and fuller over time, so I decided to sort it out. I threw away the smallest pieces of paper.

colored, paper, leftover, sorting, boxes


My craft supplies and tools are stored in multiple closets in the house. I emptied the drawers and shelves and reviewed each item individually. I asked myself if I should keep it, if yes: if it’s in the right location or if it should be sorted differently.

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