Souvenirs from Indonesia

Last week I got back home from my holiday in Indonesia. We went to visit my family, followed a sightseeing tour for several days and relaxed on Bali. I already start to feel homesick a bit, but I’m sure we’ll go back within a few years.

I bought some souvenirs, which in my case of course include.. craft tools! 🙂 I like souvenirs which can be used in your everyday life. Besides craft tools, this can also be a mug, magnet, clothing etc. They remind you of the great memories you made during your holiday.

I think in Asia they’ve got a lot of craft tools with a cuteness overload design. For example, I saw rulers which had a mini game on top (like pinball) with a super cute print.

Here’s an overview of my crafty souvenirs:

  • Hello Kitty rainbow glitter shaker pen (it’s so cute!)
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Markers (for my to-do lists)
  • Stickers

Which souvenir do you use often in your everyday life? Is it a craft tool or something else? Let me know 🙂

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