New alphabet stamps

The last two weeks I have searched all over the internet for a new alphabet stamp set. Although I really like my wooden alphabet stamp set, it’s not very practical.

Cons of my wooden alphabet stamp set:

  • It’s difficult to align letters
  • Stamp corners are sometimes accidentally drenched in ink
  • You can only stamp one letter at the time

The search

Therefore I decided to purchase a new alphabet stamp set which is more convenient. On the internet there’s a wide range of stamps available! I first stumbled upon this white & green stamp set. The stamps can be attached to each other, which is very handy.

Still I didn’t buy this set for the following reasons:

  • There’s no lowercase available
  • Only one copy of each letter available
  • You can’t create curved texts, only straight ones
  • The spacing between the letters is always the same

The decision

Then I came across a lot of clear alphabet stamp sets like the ones of Lawn Fawn, Technique Tuesday and Stampendous.

These brands made me very happy, because:

  • Uppercase and lowercase are both included
  • They do offer multiple copies of several letters
  • You can stamp one or more words at once by sticking them to an acrylic block
  • You have full control of the alignment by using an acrylic block

Therefore I decided to buy stamp sets of these brands. The Lawn Fawn stamps have a playful font, almost handwritten. The Technique Tuesday stamp set has an old-fashioned look, like a typewriter. The Stampendous stamp set is plain and small, ideal for short comments on the card. A nice variation of stamp sets!

Overview of my purchases:

  • Lawn Fawn, Jessie’s ABCs (my favorite!)
  • Lawn Fawn, Smitty’s ABCs
  • Technique Tuesday, Williamsburg alphabet small
  • Stampendous, Tiny alphabet perfectly clear stamp set

What’s your favorite alphabet stamp set? Did it take you a while to find it? I’m curious 😀


Recently I’ve dedicated a webpage to my closest craft buddies: my craft tools! 😉 On this webpage you can find an image of each craft tool, plus a description (of my personal experience).

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