My new craft space

I can’t believe it’s December already! 🎄 It’s the month of Christmas and also the end of 2021. I’ve just started making preparations for my Christmas cards. This year I’m thinking about a 3D Christmas tree which can serve as a card, but perhaps also as a nice decoration in the Christmas tree itself. I have some ideas in mind and have to execute them to see how they will look like in “real life”. Anyway, I set up a craft space in an empty bedroom in my home…

Normally I use my desk which is also my home office nowadays. Now I no longer need to move stuff around before I can start card making and that saves so much time. It makes it easier for me to craft during workday evenings. It’s also easier to record some craft sessions this way, so I can share it with you later. The craft space is a result of the workshop which I attended a few weeks ago on the Creative Life fair about being creative.

Testing Christmas card designs in my craft space

I’m a perfectionist which can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I don’t allow myself much time to play and try stuff. I then rather try to make something that’s beautiful and perfect right away. But.. often I’m not that satisfied with the result, cause in my mind it can always be better/different. While it should rather be about crafting itself, about being creative and open minded. It’s all about having fun and feeling inspired. And perfection doesn’t exist. So what am I thriving for? I try to remind myself about this. I would like to make multiple cards instead of just one perfect card (which doesn’t exist, so..).

I hope that this craft space will invite me to craft more often. I’m thinking about decorating the place with a few inspirational posters. I have a few posters of one of my favorite illustrators (Marloes de Vries). If you have any suggestions, I’m happy to hear about them 😊

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