Happy Birthday Garlands card

Craft a simple & cute Happy Birthday garlands card. The colorful garlands will give your dear one that real birthday feeling! Hip Hip Hooray! 😀

My friend invited me to her birthday party. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the party, but I still wanted to wish her a happy birthday ofcourse! So I decided to craft a birthday card 😀

Craft tools

  • Scissors / Craft knife & self-healing cutting mat
  • Glue
  • 4 sheets of different colored paper
  • Thread (about 16 inch)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape / small piece of label

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  1. Cut out a big square from the front side of a blank greeting card.
  2. Cut out a square of 1.2 x 1.6 inch from all 4 colored paper.
  3. Fold all square shapes once and cut out 2 triangle shapes from each paper.
  4. Get a thread which has a length of 8 inch.
  5. Unfold 4 different colored triangle shapes and glue the inside.
  6. Cling the 4 triangles on to the thread. Start from the middle of the thread and work sideways.
  7. Get a new thread of 8 inch again and repeat step 5 & 6.
  8. Set up the blank greeting card like a tent.
  9. Grab 1 thread with both hands and measure where to stick them on the inside of the card front.
  10. Cut 2 little pieces of double-sided adhesive tape and stick both thread ends to the inside of the card front. (or use a small piece of label and skip step 12 & 13)
  11. Cut off the remaining thread from both thread ends.
  12. Cut out two small squares from white paper.
  13. Glue the two small squares on top of the double-sided adhesive tape to cover it up.
  14. Repeat step 9 – 13 to attach the second thread to the card and you’re done!

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