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On this page you can find an overview of greeting cards and paper crafts that I’ve created in the past (for family and friends). I hope you like them and may they inspire you to create something new.

Greeting cards

Very first crafted card
March 2013

This was the very first card I crafted. It was a birthday card for a friend of mine, who’s birthday is also in March.

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Happy Birthday cupcake card
April 2013

I crafted this cupcake birthday card for my godmother. It brings back memories about a friend’s birthday a few years earlier.

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Welcome Home card

I crafted this card for a friend who went to China for 8 months and returned recently.

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Twirly heart mobile card
September 2013

I made this card for a friend’s bachelor party. All invitees were asked before to give the bride to be a greeting card with a nice message about marriage.

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Happy Birthday garlands card
October 2013

I made this card for a friend’s birthday which I unfortunately couldn’t attend.

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Fall maple leaf card
October 2013

This card was crafted for a family member who suffered from a life-threatening disease. She had to stay in the hospital to receive treatments.

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Acoustic guitar card
August 2015

This acoustic guitar card was crafted for my dad’s birthday in 2015.

He turned 61 that year and really loves playing the guitar. He owns both an acoustic and electric guitar. I thought it would be nice to create a card which shows a close up of his acoustic guitar. The plectrum displays his age in a subtle way.

Home decoration pop-up card
25 October 2016

Last weekend I attended a birthday of a dear friend. She got her own place some time ago and buys home decoration every now and then. I made her a pop-up greeting card, displaying a living room. The money for her birthday is hidden in the sideboard.

I want to create more pop-up cards, to experiment with them. There are so many possibilities! Who knows, there might come a pop-up Christmas card?

People silhouette party hat card
This card was made in 2015 for my sister-in-law and her boyfriend.

They celebrated their birthdays together, so I created a card that was for the both of them.

I drew their silhouettes by looking at pictures on Facebook 🙂

Pop-up present box card
August 2015

This pop up card was made for my sister’s birthday in 2015.

I just started experimenting with pop up cards back then and thought it would be nice to craft a card for her in this style.

Heart arrow card
July 2015

In Summer 2015 dear friends of me got married. I crafted this love card for them as a present.

First handlettering greeting card
August 2016

This handlettering card was crafted for my dad’s birthday in 2016.

It’s my first handlettering card ever! I crafted it after browsing through a Handlettering book.

In his free time my dad sometimes performs with his blues rock band called “Wooden Paul”, which is why I included the words “ROCK ON” 😀

Fall leaves card
October 2017

In October a dear friend turned 30. It’s a special number! I made her this Fall leaves card since her birthday is in this season. The card contains the warm colors of the Fall leaves and a touch of handlettering.”

Love clover card
January 2017

In general people consider the four-leaf clover as a symbol of good luck. Luck also applies to love. Are you lucky in love?

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Halloween Pac-Man card
October 2016

Does the word Pac-Man ring a bell? Pac-Man is a classic arcade game. That’s what this greeting card is all about. Just like in the game, the ghost is being chased by Pac-Man. Pac-Man is dressed up for Halloween as a pumpkin and eats sweets on its way.

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New home card
June 2016

A friend of me recently got her very own house. I’m so happy for her! ? She’s put a lot of effort in making it her home with her own style. Recently she organized a housewarming party, so I made her this card.

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Heart shaker card
January 2016

A heart is the ultimate symbol of love. This heart is full of love, just like the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you’re in love.

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Christmas candle card
November 2015

Let’s get cozy with this Christmas candle card. Candles are a great way to make your home feel warmer, especially during Christmas time.

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Paper crafts

Framed papercut
August 2016

I made this framed papercut for my sister’s birthday in 2016. Her name starts with the letter A 🙂

Butterfly pop-up book
A dear friend loves butterflies and reading very much. I combined both interests in a present for her birthday: a papercut butterfly pop-up in the middle of a book.

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Spring paper crown
In 2016 my aunt Magda celebrated her 60th birthday. She’s a very creative person.

In The Netherlands, when you’re in kindergarten, the teacher usually makes you a paper crown when it’s your birthday. As a child, it made you feel like a king/queen 😉 I thought it would be nice to create a paper crown for her.

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Grand Theft Auto gift wrap sleeve
This is a gift wrap sleeve that I made for my brother’s birthday in January. He is really into games, such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

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Afternoon tea gift idea
It’s nice to give away an experience as a birthday present.

Gift idea: some years ago I gave a teapot, including tea bag voucher, to a friend as an invitation to an afternoon tea.

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Flower gift wrapping
My boyfriend isn’t that much into Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition which you can compare to Santa Claus.

I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend completely out of this tradition. That’s why I wrote him a poem, bought him a gift and wrapped it in a more crafty way than an average present 😀

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