Spring paper crown

Last weekend my aunt Magda celebrated her birthday. She’s a very creative person. She’s good at writing stories and lyrics, but also at making crafts. Together with one of her sisters, she published a book about classroom treat ideas a few years ago.

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Butterfly pop-up book

A dear friend celebrated her birthday in October. In advance I asked her what present she would like to have for her birthday. She said she’d be happy with a book token. I bought her one, but realized it’s a rather small present. So it was the perfect time to get crafty! 😀

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Afternoon tea gift idea

When your birthday is drawing near, people start asking for your wish list. It may be hard to come up with something, because you already have so much stuff. You could ask for a gift card of your favorite store. But still, it’s a piece of flat plastic / paper. A birthday gift can be so much more exciting and meaningful! 😀

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Grand Theft Auto gift wrap sleeve

Image credits: Koenigsegg, Ferrari and my sister for taking the picture of my brother 😀 This is a gift wrap sleeve that I made for my brother’s birthday in January. He is really into games, such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The PC edition will be released in March and he’s looking forward to it. …

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Flower gift wrapping

Give your wrapping paper that extra touch with a beautiful crafted flower. It’s very easy to do, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful! 😀 Craft it within just a few minutes by following this tutorial.