Champion (number one) card

This card can be used for many occassions. Think about your best friend’s graduation, your brother who passed his driving license test or even for Father’s or Mother’s Day. Just to let that person know: he / she is your number 1! 😀

3D Gift boxes card

Gift boxes are always nice to give away or to receive. What could be inside this time? *shake shake* The surprise effect is a wonderful thing. Craft this playful 3D card to surprise someone by yourself.

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Flower card

Flowers make your heart bloom ♥ And as you know, upcoming Sunday it will be Mother’s Day. This is a great opportunity to let your mother know what she means to you 😀

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Easter Bunny card

It will be Easter soon, so why not craft a cute card for this occassion? The Easter Bunny brings decorated eggs every year. Speaking about eggs, he’s apparently one by himself this time! Just follow the tutorial and craft this cute bunny all by yourself. Happy Easter everyone! 😀

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Air balloon present card

An air balloon full of presents.. Who wouldn’t love that? How long would you stay up in the air, before you can no longer resist to unwrap the presents? Create this card and imagine.. 😉 Up in the air!

Happy Birthday cake card

Usually you use wrapping paper to wrap a present for your friend’s birthday. This time you’ll use it to wrap the birthday cake itself, including a cute decorative ribbon for the finishing touch 😉

Sewn heart card

Craft a cute heart vector card for your beloved one. The heart just consists of red thread. It felt like fun to “sew” a card for a change ? You can use all kind of materials to create an original greeting card. It doesn’t always have to be paper.

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