Hi there! I feel honored that you want to learn more about me. My name is Evita and together with my boyfriend I live nearby Rotterdam in The Netherlands. In my daily life I work as an online marketer. Because of the amount of office hours, I have the need to work with my hands sometimes.

Crafting creative things, that’s what I love to do. You could say that my card making style is simple, yet elegant & creative. My favorite crafting phrase is “less is more”. You don’t need much to create something beautiful. I believe that’s actually one of the characteristics of creativity. In case you’re interested: I’ve dedicated a page to my main craft supplies.

a picture about me and my workspace back in Fall 2017

In November 2012 I started reading a magazine about mindfulness and creativity. It inspired me to start making my own greeting cards. It’s nice to buy a greeting card from the store, but it has much more meaning if it’s handmade. Plus it’s great to craft something for your beloved ones 😉

Family and friends reacted positively to the handmade cards. I then decided to start my blog, Crea Bea Cards, in early January 2014. Crea bea is a word in my native language (Dutch) which means creative person or something creative.

On the blog I share my card creations and write a tutorial about most of them. I hope to inspire people with my creations.

Other interests: Indonesian food, movies, anime, guinea pigs, cats, birds, gardening, karaoke, PC games

If you would like to contact me, please visit the contact webpage.


Picture of me at the beginning of my blog in 2014 🙂 Time flies!