3D heart card

Make a beautiful 3D heart card to express your love. The card has a subtle 3D effect and opens up in the middle. That adds another meaning to opening up your heart, right? ❤️

This lovely card is easy to make within 15 minutes. It’s suitable for any romantic occasion like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day… or even Mother’s Day to honor your mother.

Craft supplies

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Sheet of pink paper / Printed cardstock
  • Red cardstock
  • Decorative thread

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Printable template

free printable template of 3D heart card tutorial

Download a free printable template for the 3D heart card 🖨️


Watch the video tutorial or scroll down for the photo tutorial (step by step instructions).

Video tutorial

Photo tutorial

In this photo tutorial you’ll learn step by step how to make this 3D heart card.

step 1 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 1: Take a long sheet of red cardstock. Fold both sides towards the center. You can use guidelines to define the center. The size of the cardstock I used is 27 x 13.5 cm (10.6 x 5.3 inches).

step 2, 3 and 4 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 2: Take a sheet of white paper and fold a small part of it
Step 3: Draw multiple half heart shapes from the fold
Step 4: Cut them out with scissors

step 5 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 5:  Unfold them and check if one of the heart shapes suit your red card

step 6 and 7 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 6: If yes: take a sheet of pink paper. Fold a small part of it and trace your favorite heart shape with a pencil. Perform this step 4 times, so you have 4 heart shapes.
Step 7: 
Cut out the heart shapes with scissors.

step 8 and 9 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 8: Remove visible pencil traces with an eraser
Step 9: Make 2 pairs of heart shapes and glue two halves together

step 10 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 10: Glue a pair of heart shapes to the each side of the card front near the border

step 11 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 11: It’s up to you how you want to display the hearts: do you prefer to show one heart or two halves becoming one heart?

step 12 of the 3D heart card tutorial

Step 12: To keep the card front closed, you can use a decorative thread and make a bow. It might be helpful to use something like an eraser to keep your card closed while doing so.

Your card is ready now.

Decoration tips

Here are some optional decoration tips:

decoration tip big heart inside of the 3D heart card tutorial
glitter decoration tip of the 3D heart card tutorial
  1. Add another, larger heart shape inside the card and write your lovely message inside the shape. It’s part of the printable template.
  2. Decorate the heart on the card front by using glitter pens, sticky rhinestones or glitter powder.
  3. Use printed cardstock instead of pink paper for the heart. Or use two different colors of paper.

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