Twirly heart mobile card

Create an original 3D love card for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. This card has a twirly heart mobile, which gives another “twist” to the world of love cards. It’s a playful, yet unique card. Not many craft supplies are needed.

One of my friends was about to get married. I was invited to her bachelor party. It was a really nice day! All invitees were asked before to give the bride to be a greeting card with a nice message about marriage. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to craft my own greeting card. Something like a heart shape would be nice, the symbol of love. I decided to craft a heart-shaped mobile.

Craft supplies

  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Graphic ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Blank greeting card
  • Pointy & sharp craft tool like a drafting compass (optional)
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Sheet of red cardboard
  • White thread
  • Red thread

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Printable template

Download free printable template


Watch the video tutorial or check out the photo tutorial (step by step).

Video tutorial

Photo tutorial

Step 1: Take a blank greeting card and unfold it.

Step 2: Take a graphic ruler and craft knife and cut out a square from the card front. The border should be about 2 centimeter, to keep the card front strong enough to stand upright.

Step 3: Use a pointy & sharp tool (for example a needle or drafting compass) to make two holes in the middle of the card fold. A ruler can be used to make sure you make the holes in the middle.

Step 4: Then fold a sheet of white paper in half. Note: You can skip this step and step 5 & 6 too, if you’ll use the printable heart template.

Step 5: Now it’s time to draw the heart shape. You can take the square you cut out before, to measure how big your heart shape should be.
Step 6: Draw a half heart shape from the fold line of the paper. Also draw a half heart shape inside the heart shape.

Step 7: When you’re happy with the result, you can cut out the large and small heart shape with a scissors.

Step 8: Unfold the heart shape. You can use a round-shaped tool to carefully flatten it, like a scissors.

Step 9: Put the heart shape on a sheet of red cardboard and trace it, both the outer shape and inner shape.

Step 10: Now it’s time to cut out the traced shapes. You could use a small cutting mat for this job, for me this makes it easier to cut out round shapes.

Step 11: Use an eraser to remove visible pencil traces on the heart shapes.

Step 12: Take the pointy & sharp tool again. This time make one hole in the big heart and also one in the small heart.

Step 13: Use a needle and red thread to attach the heart shapes to each other. First pull the thread through the small heart’s hole and then from the backside also through the big heart’s hole. Then carefully tie two or three knots and remove the excess red thread when you’re done.
Please note this job might be a bit tricky, so it could be handy to put a craft tool on the hearts like an eraser, to keep them in position.

Step 14: Get a white thread and pull it through the big heart’s hole. Carefully tie two or three knots and cut off the excess white thread.

Step 15: Pull the other side of the white thread through the middle hole of the card fold, from the inside of the card. Pull the white thread back into the card through the other hole in the card fold.

Step 16: Set up your card like a tent and estimate what thread height you need to make the twirly heart mobile look good.

Once you’re happy with the result, you could use a craft tool (like an eraser) to keep the hearts in place, then tie two or three knots near the folding edge. Cut off the excess white thread and your card is finished!

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  1. Love this! Helped my son make it for his GF for VDay. He wrote a poem behind the hearts, and I was pleased to see how she appreciated the pretty handmade card & heartfelt sentiment. Thanks for sharing your tute!


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