Spring paper crown

Last weekend my aunt Magda celebrated her birthday. She’s a very creative person. She’s good at writing stories and lyrics, but also at making crafts. Together with one of her sisters, she published a book about classroom treat ideas a few years ago.

In The Netherlands, when you’re in kindergarten, the teacher usually makes you a paper crown when it’s your birthday. As a child, it made you feel like a king/queen 😉 I thought it would be nice to create a paper crown for her.

It was the first time ever that I created a paper crown. It was really fun to do! During the craft process, I decided to go for a Spring theme. It’s her birthday during this season and she’s always cheerful.. so it’s a match!

The paper crown was a great success at the birthday party. My aunt wore it the whole time, which made me feel honored. It really suited her well! 🙂

The result


My dear aunt wearing the paper crown

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