Spider piggy bank card

Perhaps you got a miss or mister Big Spender in your circle of friends? Craft this spider piggy bank card to remind this person it’s good to save money sometimes 😉

Craft tools

  • Craft knife
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Graphic ruler
  • 1 sheet of pink colored paper
  • Colored pencils (grey, magenta + the ones for the money bills)
  • Black pen (fine-liner eventually)
  • Glue / double-sided adhesive tape
  • 3D foam pads
  • Clear tape / small piece of label
  • Grey thread
  • Scissors

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Photo instructions

Step 1: Cut out a square from the card’s front side with a craft knife and a ruler.
Step 2: Cut 8 pieces of grey yarn. Attach them one by one like a spider web with sticky tape / blank stickers to the inner side of the card’s front.
Step 3: Cut the following shapes out of pink colored paper: 2 ear, 1 head, 1 nose, 1 tail, 1 body and 8 legs.
Step 4: Attach the pink shapes to each other by using glue or double-sided adhesive tape.
Step 5: Color the hooves parts with a grey pencil. Also color the inner ear parts, by using a magenta pencil. Then use a black pencil to draw the pig’s face and slot.
Step 6: Cut out 3 small money bills from the square paper of step 1.
Step 7: Use colored pencils to draw the money bills. You can find examples from either own your wallet or Google Images.
Step 8: Attach the money bills with sticky tape / blank stickers onto the spider web.
Step 9: Attach the spider piggy bank with one or two 3D stickers on a corner of the card. Your card is finished now! 😀

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1 thought on “Spider piggy bank card”

  1. Spiderpig! This is the perfect card for Simpson fans. I love how you drew the money so realistically, I first thought it was printed. Great tutorial 😀


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