Visiting craft supplies store Modulor in Berlin

In November Michael and I went for a long weekend to Berlin, Germany. Despite it being Fall, the weather was still pretty good! We did a lot of sightseeing everyday and enjoyed the German food, like schnitzel (mmm!) 😀

There are a lot of stores in the city center of Berlin. Mainly clothing, shoes, home accessories etc. Since Berlin is large city, I believed there should be a big craft store located somewhere.

Remember I wrote a crafty city guide about the Dutch city Rotterdam for Cut out + Keep? On their website, I searched for a crafty city guide about Berlin. One of the stores the Berlin city guide mentioned was “Modulor”. It’s a huge store (3,000 m²), containing all kind of craft supplies.

We went to Modulor the next day (located next to station Moritzplatz, U8) and it was really overwhelming. Modulor has tons of products, its own café, inner shops and a huge workplace area where customized items can be made for you. I especially liked the paper area with paper honeycomb decorations floating in the air (please see picture below). Whether you’re looking for craft supplies or not, Modulor really is an inspiring place to visit.

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