Papercut workshop

Finally the time was there, I attended a papercut workshop on Sunday November 8th. The workshop took place in Elle Aime, a creative store in Rotterdam. It was organized by Loes van Oosten. She is an illustrator and designer, who loves to work with paper.

Introduction to the papercut technique

First everyone introduced themselves. Some people already had some experience with the papercut technique. For others it was something totally new. I’ve got already some experience with papercut, as you can see with the butterfly pop-up book and several greeting cards.

Loes explained the history of papercut and showed different samples. In the past papercuts were very expensive, when paper itself wasn’t put into mass production yet. It was really interesting to see the different styles artists used through the years.

Ready, set, papercut!

Then it was time to go to work. Loes told us how to use a craft knife properly. Each one of us received a folder with printed shape templates, white draft paper and trace paper. We were told to cut out one or more of the templates. There was a clear difficulty level between the templates, so you could get to know how skilled you already were. In the meantime Loes walked around the room and provided advice if needed.

After a while it was time to create our own papercut art. On the long table there were books about flora and fauna which you could browse through for inspiration. The owner of Elle Aime (Lisa) made sure we wouldn’t get thirsty or hungry, by serving coffee & tea and nice vegan snacks.

First I drew a robin from one of the books. When I was happy with the drawing, Loes used spray glue on the backside of the drawing and attached it to a piece of colored paper. I chose black paper. Then I carefully cut out the robin and removed the white paper. It’s very easy to remove the glue residue afterwards from the black paper.

Since there was some time left, I decided to create a second papercut art: a ladybug. It was pretty hard to cut it out, especially the tiny legs.

The result & my opinion

At the end of the workshop, Loes put all papercut arts of the “class” on the wall to show the end result. It looked really awesome! 😀 I’m so glad that I’ve attended this workshop. So far I’ve been practising the papercut technique only by myself, so it’s really nice to see how other people do it, including a professional one. Before, I’ve never heard of spray glue. Now that it’s clear how practical it can be for papercuts.. it has been added to my collection of craft supplies! 😀

Source: Instagram Elle Aime
Source: Instagram Elle Aime

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