New focus

It’s been a while ago that I published a card making tutorial on my blog. Last week the moment was finally there.. the New home card tutorial! I’ve been wanting to publish tutorials earlier, but my mind was somewhere else.

Currently we’re (my boyfriend Michael & I) in the process of buying our very first house. It’s an exciting period, but also very time consuming because of all the decisions we need to make. Now that I’ve regained some free time, I want to use it for my blog and other hobbies.

Regarding the tutorials, I’ve decided to put my focus on the photo tutorials, not the video tutorials. However I really love the result of the videos, it takes a lot of time to put them together. I find it difficult to combine this with my full-time job. Therefore I will create the video tutorials every now and then, but they won’t be the main focus anymore. For the subscribers on Youtube, I will create slideshows videos so they won’t miss any card making tutorials.

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