Light blocker

I always record my video tutorials with studio lighting. In order for the lighting to work properly, I need the craft room to be completely dark. That way the exposure remains even in the videos.

One time I did record a tutorial at the kitchen table in natural daylight. That was the first and last time, because the exposure kept changing throughout the video. I want to be able to make tutorials at any given time with an even exposure. Or else my crafting possibilities would differ per season. Especially in the Dutch Summers this would be quite challenging cause of the many hours of sunshine.

light blocker setup in craft room

That’s why I made a light blocker of foam boards and tape that I can put in the windowsill. I chose black foam boards as this color absorbs sunlight. This allows me to darken the craft room well. When the light blocker is not in use, I fold it in half so it doesn’t take up much space. An inexpensive, convenient solution 😊

In theory a blackout curtain could have done the same job, but we wanted something simple. The room doesn’t need a curtain for other purposes (we do have translucent pleated blinds.

I’m very happy with the light blocker. It’s easy to use and lightweight. It motivates me to craft more during the day.

light blocker in use during a card making session

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