Creative Life 2022

Last weekend I went to Creative Life. It’s a creative fair in the Netherlands where you can participate in different craft workshops and listen to interesting speakers. There are also food trucks and stalls that sell (handmade) items ranging from home decoration, jewelry to craft supplies.

In 2021 I attended Creative life for the first time and fell in love with the concept. I wrote an article about my experience. Fast forward, this fair was the very last edition, which is really too bad as it’s so much fun and an inspiring event. I went together with my friend who is an old classmate from high school. She’s a very creative person and loves trying out different crafts. We joined three workshops: photo transfer, dried flowers and watercolor painting.


workshop photo transfer at Creative Life 2022
I chose a picture from our holiday to Indonesia near the vulcano Bromo. It brings back memories!

I especially loved the photo transfer workshop as the technique’s totally new to me. We transferred a printed picture on a decorative piece of wood. You can also transfer it to other material like textile. I’m positive I will use this technique more often in the future for gifts and home decoration. It’s always nice to make something personalized.

workshop dried flowers at Creative Life 2022
The dried flower workshop was calming, yet challenging at the same time.

The dried flowers workshop challenged my hand skills (in a good way). I had to use metal wire to make small bushes of dried flowers. It’s a neat job. Then I attached the bushes to a picture frame. This will be a nice decoration piece for my home.

workshop watercolor painting birds at Creative Life 2022
The watercolor painting workshop was really inspiring.

The watercolor painting workshop was also pretty interesting. We experimented with different techniques while painting beautiful birds. The workshop organizer provided useful tips during the process. I chose a robin for the final project. I’m pretty happy with the result 😀


goodies and shopping session at Creative Life 2022
My souvenirs from Creative Life 2022

Last but not least, we also had a good shopping session in between the workshops and meal times. My friend bought a lot of DIY kits from different stalls. I bought jewelry, a wooden card holder and cards with watercolor birds. You can tell we didn’t go home empty handed 😉

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