Craft store in the USA

At the end of March I went to the USA for my work. It was my first visit to the USA. After 3 days of meetings, I traveled with two colleagues to the cities Memphis and Nashville. On my wish list for this trip was a visit to a local craft store.. which we did! 😀

In Nashville we went to the craft store “Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing”. In The Netherlands they would consider this a big craft store. There were a lot of beautiful craft supplies for sale. I managed to limit my purchase to a few Zig glue pens only. I didn’t have this type of craft tool yet at home. Later I looked for reviews online about the Zig glue pens. They were well rated. From my own experience, I can tell they are really great indeed. I’m really happy with these “souvenirs”!

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  1. That’s awesome, the store looks huge! It must have been really hard to stop yourself from buying all kinds of art supplies.


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