1,000 Youtube subscribers

In November 2016 my Youtube channel reached a milestone: 100 subscribers! I was really happy to see that people enjoy the video tutorials. The amount of new Youtube subscribers skyrocketed around February, due to Valentine’s Day. Especially the Twirly heart mobile card video did well. The video received a lot of kind comments from viewers.

Then in April 2017 my Youtube channel reached another milestone: 1,000 subscribers! Could you imagine that many people surrounding you, knowing that they like what you craft? That’s a huge honor! 🙂

The current number of subscribers is 1,224 and the most popular video tutorial got about 145,000 views. I realize I haven’t been working much on my Youtube channel, blog etc, but I know I really should. Despite the lack of time, I do feel motivated to create more content.. plus my boyfriend and I will move to a new house by the end of this year and I’m aiming to get my very own craft room. In my mind I secretly decorate the craft room sometimes already 😉

Please stay tuned!

Screenshot of my Dutch mobile phone when I realized I got over 1,000 Youtube subscribers

Birthday vector created by Freepik

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