Heart-shaped card

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day card which really comes from the heart? Then look no further. This handmade love card is shaped like a heart and will surely get your message across.
Only a few basic craft supplies are needed to make this romantic beauty within minutes.

Craft supplies

  • Red card
  • Craft knife
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Graphic ruler
  • 1 sheet of white paper
  • 1 sheet of cream white paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue / double-sided adhesive tape

Instructions – step by step

heart, shaped, card, step 1
Step 1: First measure your red card (keep it folded). Then take a sheet of white paper and cut out a square of the red card’s measurements with a craft knife and graphic ruler.

heart, shaped, card, step 2, 3
Step 2: Fold the white square in half and draw half a heart shape, plus a decorative curl inside the heart.
Step 3: Keep the heart shape folded. Cut out the heart shape with a scissors. Use a craft knife to cut out the inner decorative curls carefully.

heart, shaped, card, step 4
Step 4: Unfold the heart shape and put it on red card. Align it to the right side (opposite the card’s fold). This way you can reserve a space for the card’s fold. (You can see that on the image above.) Then trace the heart shape and inner decorative curls with a pencil.

heart, shaped, card, step 5
Step 5: Unfold the red card. Then first cut out the heart shape and inner decorative curls with a scissors and craft knife on the card’s front side. After that, you cut out the heart shape from the card’s backside too by holding the card folded. Since the card’s front side is already heart-shaped, it’s a matter of cutting out the card’s backside the same way with a scissors / craft knife.

heart, shaped, card, step 6
Step 6: Use glue / double-sided adhesive tape on the card’s inside. Then put a sheet of cream white paper onto it and carefully remove the waste paper with a craft knife. Your card is ready now for some romantic words. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Tip: If you make a little hole (with a perforator) in the heart, you can lace a decorative thread through it and secure the card to something (box of chocolates, a red rose or a door handle for example).

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  1. At first I thought: this card looks way more complicated to craft. But your technique is so clever! I also love the tip of attaching it to a gift. Who wouldn’t love to receive a hand made card with some chocolates? I know I won’t mind, haha.


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