Happy Birthday cupcake card

Craft a pretty Happy Birthday cupcake card. The cute cupcake symbolizes a birthday cake, that’s why there’s a party candle on top of it. Make a wish 😉

In Summer 2010 I attended a friend’s birthday party. I gave my friend some cash and a cupcake with a party candle on top of it as a present. During the party we took a moment to light up the candle and sing for her. It was a spontaneous moment. It showed us that you don’t need an enormous birthday cake to get that real birthday feeling.

A few years later I was about to craft a birthday card for my godmother. Then I remembered my friend’s birthday party. Thought it would be cool to re-create the birthday cupcake, but this time by paper craft!

Craft tools

  • Scissors / craft knife & self-healing cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Purple pencil
  • Gel pens / colored pencils
  • Alphabet stamps
  • 1 sheet of orange, purple, red, yellow and white paper

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  1. Cut out the cupcake case shape from purple paper.
  2. Fold the cupcake case shape a few times to make it look more realistic.
  3. Cut out the cupcake shape from yellow paper. Hint: when cutting this shape, please keep the cupcake case near to make sure it fits.
  4. Cut out a cupcake frosting shape from white paper.
  5. Create dots with gel pens on the frosting shape to simulate colorfull sparkling sprinkles.
  6. Cut out a party candle shape from red paper. Make sure the top’s cut like a triangle shape and the bottom part looks a bit wavy.
  7. Color the candle shape diagonally with a purple pencil to get that real party candle look.
  8. Cut out the flame shape from a yellow and orange piece of paper. The yellow shape should be bigger than the orange one.
  9. Put all paper shapes together on a blank wishing card, but don’t glue them yet.
  10. Stamp the card with the birthday wish: Happy Birthday
  11. Glue all shapes to the card and you’re done!

Hint: You can craft number candles instead of party ones. That also looks very cute!


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