Easter egg tree card

Easter is always such a festive period. Children do their very best at painting eggs for breakfast and homes are full of colorful Easter decorations. You might know Easter egg trees, a typical decoration for these holidays. That’s what this card is all about. You will craft your own Easter egg tree on a card! 😀

Craft supplies

  • Craft knife & self-healing cutting mat / scissors
  • Graphic ruler
  • 1 sheet of brown cardboard
  • 1 sheet of light blue paper
  • 1 sheet of green paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser (optional)
  • Colored pencils / markers
  • Needle
  • Purple thread


Instructions – step by step

easter, egg, tree, card, step 1
Step 1: Draw a square on the card’s front side with a pencil and ruler. Then cut it out with a craft knife / scissors. The card border should be about 0.8 inch (2 cm). Note: don’t toss away the square, you’ll need it later in this tutorial.

easter, egg, tree, card, step 2, 3
Step 2: Take a sheet of blue paper and attach it to the card inside as a background. Use glue or adhesive double sided tape to do this.
Step 3: Remove the excess paper with a craft knife or scissors.

easter, egg, tree, card, step 4
Step 4: Draw a horizontal branch shape on a sheet of brown cardboard and cut it out. (My branch is about 3.9 inch (10 cm).

easter, egg, tree, card, step 5
Step 5: Draw a few leaf shapes on a sheet of green paper and cut them out.

easter, egg, tree, card, step 6
Step 6: Attach the leaf shapes on the front and backside of the branch shape by using glue or double-sided adhesive tape. This will allow people to view your card design from both sides (having your card closed or opened).

easter, egg, tree, card, step 7
Step 7: Attach the branch shape on the card’s front side, on the inner side in the left corner. Use glue or double-sided adhesive tape to do this.

easter, egg, tree, card, step 8
Step 8: Take the square shape (from your card). Draw 3 egg shapes and cut them out with a craft knife / scissors.

easter, egg, tree, card, step 9, 10
Step 9: Decorate the 3 egg shapes by using colored pencils / markers. Make sure you decorate both sides of the egg shapes, so they can swing around.
Step 10: Use a needle to make a small hole in the top of each egg shape.

easter, egg, tree, card, step 11
Step 11: Grab a needle and purple thread. Pull the purple thread through the needle. Now pull the thread through the hole of an egg shape and tie a knot near both thread ends, so you’ll get a loop. The loops should each be about 1.6 – 1.9 inch (4 – 5 cm). Remove the excess thread with a scissors. Repeat this step for the other two egg shapes.
Step 12: Hang the egg shapes on the branch and your card is ready! Happy Easter! 😀

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