Cool emoji card

Emojis are used across the globe to express our emotions. For example in a funny message to a friend. A well-known emoji is the emoji with the sunglasses 😎, also known as the cool emoji. This card is dedicated to this emoji.

This card can be crafted for many occasions including birthdays, graduations, Father’s Day, to tell someone that he or she is really cool or to show your support.

From aside

I love how you can see that the sunglasses are ‘floating’ a bit, thanks to the foam pads 🙂

Craft supplies

  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Graphic ruler (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Fine liner
  • Foam pads
  • Double-sided adhesive tape / Glue
  • Blank greeting card
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Sheet of yellow paper
  • Sheet of black paper

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Watch the video tutorial or check out the photo tutorial (step by step).

Video tutorial

Photo tutorial

In this photo tutorial you’ll learn step by step how to create this Cool emoji card.

Step 1: Take a blank greeting card and look for a round object in your home. This could be a jar, tape, cup etc. In case you’re planning to add text: leave some space at the bottom of the card front like I do.

Step 2: Since emojis mostly are yellow, you would need a sheet of yellow or gold paper. Put your round object on the paper and trace it with a pencil.

Step 3: Then cut out the round shape with scissors or a craft knife. If you’re gonna use a craft knife: depending on your type of paper and the sharpness of your knife, it might be that you need to make the cuts twice.

Step 4: Take a sheet of white paper and fold a small part of it. Draw one of the sunglasses from the folded area with a pencil. You could use the emoji shape to estimate the right size.

Step 5: Cut out the pair of sunglasses. Unfold them and see if you like them on your emoji shape. If you want to go for a different sunglasses style, you could repeat the previous and current step.

Step 6: Take the sheet of white paper again and draw a half smile from the folded area.

Step 7: Cut out the smile shape and unfold it. Check if you like the smile on your emoji shape.

Step 8: Put both the sunglasses and smile shape on a sheet of black paper. Then trace both shapes with a pencil.

Step 9: Cut the sunglasses and smile shape out of black paper with a craft knife or scissors.

Step 10: Put foaming pads on the backside of the sunglasses shape. This will add more dimension to your card. Then attach the sunglasses shape to the emoji. Note: if you don’t have foam pads at home, you can combine cardboard with double sided adhesive tape.

Step 11: Attach the smile shape to the emoji. Since it’s a quite small shape, you could use glue, thin double sided adhesive tape or combine them like I do.

Step 12: Put the emoji shape on your card to decide the location and size of your text. A ruler and pencil can be used to draw a few guidelines. I would suggest a short, but powerful text like ‘Rock on!’, ‘Be cool’  or ‘Awesome’.

Step 13: First draw the letters with a pencil.

Step 14: Then trace and fill the letters with a marker or fine liner. I applied a speckled effect to the letters.

Step 15: Remove visible pencil traces.

Step 16: Add foam pads to the backside of the emoji shape. Then attach it to the card front above the text. Your card is ready now.

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