Very Happy Halloween card

happy, halloween, card

With this greeting card you will have a very Happy Halloween for sure! This card is suitable for Halloween events, including birthdays of family & friends on or close to Halloween.

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Missing puzzle piece card

missing, puzzle, piece, card, making, tutorial

With this greeting card you can show that someone has a very special place inside your heart. You just can’t imagine your life without him/her around.

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Superman card

super, dad, card, making, tutorial, diy

We all know Superman as a hero with incredible powers. Nothing can beat him. He always saves the day. There’s a Superman in all of us. “We just need the courage to put on the cape.” – Superman.

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Flower girl card

Last year I crafted a flower theme card for Mother’s Day. Flowers are a very common beautiful gift on Mother’s Day. Therefore.. this year’s card also contains a flower haha! 😉 This time the flower serves as a hair decoration for your mom’s silhouette.

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Easter egg tree card

Easter is always such a festive period. Children do their very best at painting eggs for breakfast and homes are full of colorful Easter decorations. You might know Easter egg trees, a typical decoration for these holidays. That’s what this card is all about. You will craft your own Easter egg tree on a card! 😀

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Heart-shaped card

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day card which really comes from the heart? Then look no further. This handmade love card is shaped like a heart and will surely get your message across.

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Christmas wreath card

handmade card of Christmas wreath card tutorial

Christmas will be here soon. It’s a cold, but lovely time of the year. Families & friends come together and enjoy each other’s company.

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Chocolicious birthday cake card

It’s always such a magical thing. The moment when the birthday cake is brought to the living room. Family and friends start to sing a birthday song. The candle lights happily dance on the melody. At the end of the song, you make a wish and blow out the candles. Craft this chocolicious birthday cake (mmm!) card and relive the moment.

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