Simple garlands card

simple garlands card tutorial

The Simple garlands card brings a smile on your face with its colorful garlands. The garland flags contain a festive message to wish the recipient a wonderful birthday.

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Money holder shaker card

money holder shaker card tutorial

The money holder shaker card makes it a fun way to give money to someone. Instead of adding money inside the card as usual, money becomes decoration and the centerpiece of the card itself.

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3D heart card

main image of 3D heart cardmaking tutorial with pink paper and printed cardstock

Make a beautiful 3D heart card to express your love. The card has a subtle 3D effect and opens up in the middle. That adds another meaning to opening up your heart, right? ❤️

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Christmas tree ornament card

main image of christmas tree ornament cardmaking tutorial

This card is a 3D Christmas tree. It’s decorated with ball & star ornaments and a Christmas message in a shiny gold font. The red string allows you to put this card in a Christmas tree or pretty much anywhere you want. The card itself has become a Christmas ornament.

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Christmas globe ball ornament card

main image of cardmaking tutorial featuring a christmas globe ball ornament

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Houses light up in the dark and are festively decorated. This card is all about Christmas decorations. It features a Christmas ball ornament which you would normally hang on a Christmas tree or garland.

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Cool emoji card

Emojis are used across the globe to express our emotions. For example in a funny message to a friend. A well-known emoji is the emoji with the sunglasses 😎, also known as the cool emoji. This card is dedicated to this emoji.

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Simple papercut heart card

This papercut heart card adds more depth to your love message. The heart arches can be playfully moved around to add more dimension. The heart cutout gives the card a luxurious look & feel.

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Love rain cloud card

We all are familiar with rainy days. But did you know rain can be very romantic sometimes? This love card is inspired by the quote “If a raindrop would mean I love you, it would rain forever.”

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