Butterfly pop-up book

A dear friend celebrated her birthday in October. In advance I asked her what present she would like to have for her birthday. She said she’d be happy with a book token. I bought her one, but realized it’s a rather small present. So it was the perfect time to get crafty! 😀

My friend loves books and butterflies a lot. I decided to combine these two interests of her: a papercut butterfly pop-up in the middle of a book.

In case you’re interested to craft this present by yourself, please find the instructions below.

Craft supplies

  • Craft knife
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Graphic ruler
  • Something pointy and sharp (for example: needle, drafting compass, eyelet tool)
  • Paperclips
  • Double sided-adhesive tape
  • Printer
  • Sheet of black paper
  • Sheet of light yellow paper (depending on the color of your book pages)
  • Sheet of white paper (to print your butterfly vector)
  • Ribbon
  • Book (second hand)
  • Book token (optional)


Instructions – step by step


  • Buy a book token at a local store
  • Go to a second-hand bookstore and buy a book of the genre the birthday boy/girl likes
  • Visit the website Google Images and search for “butterfly vector”
  • Take the butterfly image you like best and print it in black & white mode in the size you need


  1. Cut out the butterfly shape broadly with a scissors
  2. Put the butterfly shape on a sheet of black paper. Then cut off the uncovered black paper
  3. Attach the two shapes to each other by using paper clips
  4. Take a craft knife and first cut out the beautiful details from the butterfly wings
    Note: You can cut out small holes with a sharp object like a needle, drafting compass or eyelet tool
  5. Then cut out the butterfly its borders (wings, small body and stems).
  6. Fold the butterfly in half

Pop-up standard

  1. Take a sheet of paper which matches the color of the book pages. The paper quality should be about 200 gram.
  2. Cut two strips of paper. The dimensions are about 1,5 x 3,5 cm for each strip.
  3. Put the two strips together. Cut to the middle of the strip with a scissors, at one third of the strip’s length.
  4. Keep the two strips together and fold one third.
  5. Separate the strips and put double-sided adhesive tape on the folded area on the backside of them.
  6. Attach the two strips to each other, by moving them together through the cut you made earlier with the scissors (see image number 5)
  7. Unfold the top of the stand a bit and put double-sided adhesive tape on it.
  8. Take a book and find the middle of it. Carefully attach the pop-up stand to the pages and put the butterfly papercut on top of it.


To make sure that the birthday boy/girl will open the book to the right page, you could create a simple bookmark. You can for example use a piece of ribbon and attach it with double-sided adhesive tape to the page.

Book token

Hide the book token in the back of the book. You can use small pieces of double-sided adhesive tape to attach it.

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